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Information for Residents of Stonegate

We hope that you will enjoy your new home. To assist you in getting settled, Stonegate would like to take this opportunity to explain a few of our services, property policies and procedures. Remember, that living in an apartment community requires everyone to exercise consideration for his/her neighbors at all times.

We are always trying to improve Stonegate and would appreciate any suggestions you may have. If there is something specific that we can do to make your apartment more comfortable, please call the Management/Rental Office at (518) 283-0131.

Rental Office

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, or by appointment
Phone: (518) 283-0131
Property Manager’s cell phone: (518) 441-9311

If you have any problems or in need of any information about your apartment, the neighborhood, local services, etc., please feel free to stop in or contact the Management Office through the ways listed above.

The following are telephone numbers for your convenience to help you get settled in your new home:

National Grid (Electrical and Gas services)
(800) 642-4272

Verizon Fios (TV/Internet/Phone services) 
(800) 837-4966

Spectrum (TV/Internet/Phone services)
(855) 243-8892

Times Union (Daily Newspaper)
(518) 454-5454

Key Fob Entry System

Each resident will receive a key fob that will allow them entrance to their building, the Fitness Center, the garage of the building they reside in, and the handicap door at the rear of each building. An apartment key will be provided for the individual apartment.

There is a directory at the front entrance of each tower. Each resident must provide a local telephone number to the Rental office. All guests must notify the resident at this directory location in order to obtain entry to the building/apartment.

Club House & Fitness Center

Stonegate offers a beautiful Club House with a Fitness Center. Our Fitness Center has "state of the art" equipment and is open from 5 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week.

Parking for guest attending a function must park in the Club House parking lot or in front of the Rental Office. Guests should not park in front of the apartment buildings.

The Club House is not to be used as a "hang-out spot" for children or teens. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the fitness Center or Club House without parental supervision.

Spectrum Cable

Spectrum Cable's basic package, including turbo internet, is installed in each apartment. An access code and password is assigned to the apartment and must be saved and documented. The modem must remain with the apartment.


Tenants are not permitted to have personal outside cooking grills. A picnic area, including picnic tables available for residents' use.

Storage of bicycles, skateboards, toys or any other articles are not permitted on the balconies, patios or walkways. To preserve the overall appearance of the community, blankets, towels, rugs and/or laundry must not be hung from the railings.

Fire and insurance regulations require halls and stairways to be absolutely free of debris and personal belongs. We must insist upon your compliance in this regard. All such objects will be removed by our Maintenance staff. Children are not allowed to run or play in the common areas of the buildings. for obvious reasons, bird feeders are not allowed on balconies. Residents who wish to purchase a feeder must first check with the Management/Rental Office for placement requirements.

Large Deliveries

ALL deliveries must be made at the back entrance to the building. Tenants receiving large packages, including furniture, must notify the carrier in advance.

Trash Removal

The trash area is located behind 3000 Stonegate Drive. All household trash must be tied in plastic bags and MUST BE PLACED NEATLY INSIDE THE TRASH COMPACTOR. DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH OUTSIDE THE COMPACTOR!!! No large items, i.e. mattresses, computers, furniture, etc. can be left at the dumpster for disposal. Any cardboard must be broken down and placed in the compactor. Contact either the Rental Office or our Maintenance staff for operating instructions of the compactor.

Property Appearance

Stonegate is a Smoke Free and Pet Free Community This is your home and the home of other people. Do NOT discard papers, tissues or other trash on the grounds. This detracts from the overall appearance of the community and is offensive to other residents and guests.

Noise Pollution

Appliances or vacuums may not be operated prior to 8:00 AM or after 10:00 PM. The noise from the appliances is extremely disturbing to those who live in close proximity to you.

All stereos, televisions and family "discussions" must be kept to an inaudible level to other residents. Also, remember when windows are open,all sounds carry a good distance.

Stonegate does not allow any satellite dishes to be installed on the property at any time.

Storage Areas

The storage areas are located through the underground parking garages. Items stored in the cages are the responsibility of the tenants. Please contact the Property Manager for availability.


Each apartment is assigned one (1) parking space in the underground garage. An additional parking space is subject to availability.

The parking spaces in front of the buildings are for residents and their guests only. Unlicensed and unregistered vehicles may not be stored on the property and will be towed off of the property at the owner's expense.

The Rental Office must be notified of all replacement of vehicles-this includes additions or deletions.

Any vehicle without the benefit of a handicap license plate that is parked in a handicap parking space will be towed at the owner's expense. All vehicles with handicap registration must notify the Rental Office.

The striped areas by the entrances to the buildings are to be used as walkways or loading/unloading areas - not parking spaces. These areas must be kept open at all times in the event of an emergency. Parking in these areas is an inconvenience not only to other residents, but to the staff as well. People have a difficult time getting to and from their apartments, especially if they are carrying packages. It is also difficult for our staff to do their job, i.e. snow or trash removal.


Mailboxes/Parcel Boxes

Please notify the mail carrier if you plan to be away for an extended time (in addition to the Rental Office.) If you receive a daily paper, we suggest that you contact your carrier as well to avoid a buildup of papers while you are away.

If a large package is delivered to you, the mail carrier will leave a key for the parcel box (large boxes on end of individual boxes) in your mailbox. Use this key to open the parcel box, remove your package and leave the key in the lock of the parcel box. The mail carrier will pick up the key during the next delivery. PLEASE do not keep the key.

Notify the Post Office if you misplace or break your mailbox key.

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