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Stonegate Maintenance Request

Rental Office Phone (business hours): (518) 283-0131
Maintenance Email:
Emergency Maintenance Phone (after hours): (518) 640-2616

To request service from our Maintenance staff, you may either contact the Rental Office directly at (518) 283-0131 or submit a request through your AppFolio Tenant Portal. 

Tenant Portal

Stonegate maintenance staff is responsible for maintenance and repairs necessitated by normal wear and usage. Repair of damage caused by residents's negligence, misuse, or abuse is the responsibility of the resident. The Maintenance staff will make all the necessary repairs, but the resident will be charged for the cost of labor and materials for any mistreatment of property. The maintenance crew also conducts annual preventative inspections of each apartment, looking for water leaks, i.e. faucets, toilets, etc. as well as any maintenance related equipment repairs.

Residents are responsible for the regular upkeep of their apartment. Routine maintenance, such as the repair of clogged drains, leaking faucets, or inoperative heating or air conditioning, etc. will be taken care of by our Maintenance staff.

Emergency Maintenance

An “emergency maintenance” is defined as any circumstance which is harmful to human life or to the property. If you have an emergency maintenance issue after hours, please contact (518) 640-2616.

Furnace Filters/Light Bulbs/Battery Replacement

All residents are required to change the air filter for the furnace/AC unit in their apartment two (2) times a year for maximum efficiency of the unit. The size of the filter required for your apartment is 16" x 25" x 1. These filters can be purchased at a local hardware store. Our maintenance department will be glad to help replace the filter for residents who have purchased the filter.

Our maintenance crew will be glad to help replace light bulbs and batteries for residents who are unable to accomplish this task, as long as the bulbs and batteries have been purchased.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are a great lifesaver. Each apartment is equipped with dual smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Residents should test the smoke detectors twice yearly to make sure that they are functioning properly. To test the detector, depress the "red" test button until the alarm sounds. If the detector is not working properly, please call the Maintenance staff to schedule an appointment for service. Residents are responsible for replacing the battery in the detector.

Garbage Disposals and Sewers

To prevent backups in toilets and disposals, do NOT put large items in either. Grease, bones, potato skins, paper, rice, celery, gravel from houseplants, personal items, etc. all cause problems with disposals and sewer lines. Please remember to turn on the cold water before starting the garbage disposal and turn off the disposal before shutting off the water. Let the water run for approximately 30 seconds after turning off the disposal to clear the lines. Any "non-flushable" item found by our maintenance crew, will result in an invoice to the resident for the service call and repairs.

Snow Removal

In the event of a snowstorm, our snow removal crew will plow in the morning to open the roadways throughout the Community. They will return in the afternoon to clear the parking areas. If you have a vehicle parked in the lot when it is being plowed, please move your vehicle to an area that has already been cleared. If you are planning on going out of town, please make arrangements to leave your keys with a neighbor or call our Management/Rental Office to arrange to have your vehicle moved in the event of a storm.

IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT that no vehicle is parked in the striped crosswalk areas. If these are blocked, we will not be able to use the snow blowers to clean the walkways to the buildings. This will not only inconvenience you, but also your neighbors. Your cooperation is needed to insure efficient snow removal from the Community.

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