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Why Renters Insurance is a Must

Stonegate Apartments - Monday, October 20, 2014

Many people move into new apartments thinking the building’s owners will provide ample insurance coverage. Think again! Your landlord's insurance generally covers only the building where you live - not your personal belongings and your liability.

Here are 4 Myths About Personal Liability Insurance for Renters:

  • “I don’t need renter’s insurance.” Your landlord's policy most likely does not include liability for something that happens in your rented residence.
  • “I’m not responsible for any other property damage besides my own.” False! You could be held accountable for injury to another person, or damage to another person's property if an incident occurred within your rented residence, or elsewhere. Without liability coverage, your current and future earnings could be at risk.
  • “I don’t need it because I don’t own very much.” Most people's belongings are worth more than they think.
  • “Renters insurance costs too much.” Most insurance companies will let you pick and choose the coverage you want, based on your individual needs.

All of us here at Stonegate want you to have the best experience living in our apartments, and that includes being prepared for any emergencies.

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