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What Does a Landlord Look for in a Tenant?

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

tenant holding apartment keys near moving boxes

When looking for an apartment, it can sometimes be hard to remember that you aren’t the only one who has to make a decision. Your potential landlord or property manager also has to decide whether or not he or she feels you’re the ideal tenant.

There are several ways that you, as an apartment hunter, can show your potential landlord or property manager that you would make a good tenant.

  • Dress professionally (or at least look well put-together).
  • Ask questions and take notes about what you’re seeing on the tour of the apartment.
  • Come prepared with references, either in letter form or you can give the landlord a list of phone numbers. Just make sure the people on the list are expecting a call about you!
  • Have good credit. You can bring a copy of your credit report, if you want, but they usually do credit check on you.
  • Have a positive attitude. Showing that you’re not a negative person will make you more likeable and seem more trustworthy!
  • Don’t talk about partying or drinking. Even if it’s in the past, you don’t want the landlord to decide not to rent to you because he or she think you may disturb other residents.
  • Clean up your social media profiles. Yes, some landlords may take the time to do a quick Google search on yourself. Are you okay with what is going to show up in the results?

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