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Tips for Creating a Combo Office/Guest Room

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Apartment office/guest room

Having a place for your guests is always nice, but it can be impractical for many to have an entire room dedicated to the occasional guest. Creating a combination office/guest room is a great way to make use of your room, even when you’re not hosting someone from out of town.

Keep It Organized

Papers happen. The best way to keep your home office tidied up it to keep it organized before you expect company. Keep a shredder nearby to properly dispose of documents with important information, and use filing systems to keep papers in order. This way, when an unexpected guests pops into town, you’re ready to utilize the guest room function of your home office.

Use a Daybed

Think about it – how often will you be having guests over? Using a daybed will greatly minimize the space you take up in your home office/guest room combination. Add a couple of throw pillows and use it as a space to relax in your office when your guests aren’t in town.

Double Duty – Use Your Monitor as a TV Screen

After a long journey, your guests could probably use some space to relax and unwind. Hook up a streaming stick to your computer monitor, and let your guests use it when they’re in town. As a bonus, this makes a nice little TV area for you, as well, when you need a break.

Most Importantly – Tailor it to Fit Your Needs

Before diving into this project, you should sit down and seriously consider what the room will be used for most. If you only have guests at a major holidays, but work from home weekly, your space should reflect that. However, if you have frequent guests, but only use your home office on occasion, a small desk set-up and larger bed may be more appropriate.

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