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Three Halloween Parties You Can Host on a Budget

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Adults dressed up for a Halloween party

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to confirm your plans for this year! For those who want to try their hand at hosting a party – even on a budget – we have some ideas that can be fun for everyone!

  1. Theme Parties

    There are so many trending topics this year that could easily turn into a great theme for a party! Did you and your friends spend all summer hunting Pokémon? Get hooked on a new TV series? Encouraging your guests to get creative by offering fun prizes for “best dressed” or other superlatives is sure to get them into the spirit!

  2. Scary & Spooky

    Go more traditional with a spooky theme, and encourage your friends to come in their scariest costumes! There are limitless ways to go with this theme, and there are several easy and inexpensive decorations that you can make ahead of time, such as:

    • “Poison” labels to wrap around cups.
    • Have a little painting fun! Use red food-coloring to drag your hands on white decorations, leaving them with the illusion of bloody fingerprints.
    • Make iced eyeball garnishes for drinks with radishes, olives, and an ice cube tray!
  3. A Regular Ol’ Fall Party

    Even if Halloween isn’t quite your thing, you can still have a party! Take the opportunity to create fall decorations with friends, have a pie eating and/or baking contest, and watch fall-themed movies.

How will you be celebrating at Stonegate this year?

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