Surviving winter at Stonegate

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, March 05, 2015

Piles of snow outside Stonegate Apartments

By no means has Mother Nature taken it easy on the Northeast these past few months. The extreme temperatures and frequent snow storms has made going outside undesirable.

When snow is in the forecast many of us cringe at the thought of brushing off our cars while fighting off the cold first thing in the morning. Here at Stonegate we help to eliminate this terrible task many of us in the north know all too well. With our underground parking garage residents don’t have to plan extra time to clear snow off their cars or have to worry about starting them ahead of time.

Our underground parking garage keeps cars free of snow and ice during winter storms and makes for hassle free parking! With reserved spots and a dry environment there is no need to worry about the chaos snow can create in parking lots.

Our elevators take residents from their apartments to their cars without ever having to brave the winter elements. There is no need to worry about climbing stairs, slipping on ice or cold hands while carrying a load of groceries into your apartment.

Waking up early to go out and remove snow and ice from your car has become a thing of the past for the residents here at Stonegate! Check out our amenities page to see what other advantages we can provide.

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