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Planting a Windowsill Herb Garden

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, May 28, 2015

Growing herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill can be your source for fresh herbs year round. No need to be an experienced gardener, all you need is the right amount of light, water, fertilizer and humidity. Below are some tips on how to start your very own herb garden.


Basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, parsley and cilantro are herbs that easily grow year round and can be purchased from seeds or small plants. Herbs that grow annually like basil, cilantro and dill are easy to start from a seed while perennial herbs, which take a little longer to grow such as rosemary, oregano and sage, are better to start from plants.


Using individualized pots for each herb is recommended in order to provide each plant the special care it requires. When looking for containers make sure the pots you choose have drainage holes in the bottom with waterproof saucers placed underneath.


If you are growing herbs from seeds be sure to use a seed starting mix or a potting soil that does not contain added fertilizer. Lightly moist but well drained soil is the best environment for seeds to grow. Avoid using garden soil which tends to be heavier and don’t forget to check the package for the best depth for your seeds. Potting soil is not the area to skimp on so be sure to purchase the best soil possible to grow the lushest herbs.


South facing windows with the highest sun exposure are ideal for a majority of herb gardens. Herbs typically need 5-6 hours of direct sunlight daily to flourish. During the winter months consider using fluorescent lights. Do not allow your herbs to touch the windows, especially in the colder months because this may cause the leaves to freeze.


Once planted, you should water your herbs enough to keep the soil moist but never soggy. Herbs are particularly sensitive to over watering so be sure to drain the saucers after watering. Plan to fertilize your herbs every two weeks with a half strength fertilizer. Using a water soluble fertilizer can help your herbs grow with a more intense flavor.

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