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Moving Tips: Life Hacks For an Effortless Move

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Moving is stressful, but don’t make it harder than it already is! Here are some tips for an effortless move.

1. Use packing time to get rid of things you don’t need or want. Eliminating these things means less to pack, and spring cleaning at the same time!

2. Have a moving sale: Make a little money on some of the old stuff you no longer want! If you decide to sell some of your belongings online, make sure you start at least 6 weeks before, giving yourself time to get it seen and sold.

3. Label boxes: Make sure every box is labeled for your move. This will make unpacking much easier. Consider putting the room the box will need to go in once it gets to your new home. Color coding by rooms is also another helpful tool to consider.

4. Pack items you will need right away in clear containers so they are easily accessible and you know exactly where they are when you need them.

5. Pack an overnight bag: this way you will have easy access to your essentials and a change of clothes that way you will have what you need at easy access.

6. Use clothing, socks and towels to wrap breakables in. This saves money on bubble wrap and slims down your suitcase! Pack plates vertically like records, they are less likely to break this way.

7. Before the move: see if you can get into your new apartment to do some cleaning. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen before you are there with all of your boxes makes it much easier to settle in.

8. Use Saran Wrap: If you have open containers of liquids or lotions use saran wrap to put over the top to ensure there is no spilling during the move. You can also use press ‘n seal wrap to keep your clothing drawers intact instead of having to unpack and refold. Use garbage bags to pack your closet up, keep all of your clothing on the hangers for an easy unpack. Buying a roll of stretch wrap may also be useful for keeping boxes together or furniture from being scratched. Put small belongings like screws from a bench or dresser in sandwich bags and label them so you know exactly where they belong.

9. Enlist the help of movers and friends. If you have large furniture that needs to come with you, investing in a moving company may be the way to ensure none of your things are damaged or broken. If you are moving cross country and don’t need things immediately, you may even consider shipping some of your belongings.

10. Take photos of your new apartment or home before you move in, this is helpful in getting your deposit back and can help avoid issues with landlords.

11. Odds and ends: Make sure all loose ends are tied up during your final days before the move. Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before the move so there is no leaking. Make sure you have your address changed. You should notify all important companies like utilities, cable, banks and credit cards at least two weeks prior to moving. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before as well, the less food there is to throw out the better.

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