Making New Friends in the Stonegate Community

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Community living is one of the great advantages of apartment life.  At Stonegate, we offer many ways to meet and socialize with your neighbors.  Here are some tips on how to make friends and have fun with your Stonegate neighbors!

Make Connections on Moving Day

When you move in to your new apartment you are sure to encounter several of your new neighbors.   Even though you are busy moving boxes and furniture, be sure to smile and say hello to the other residents you see.  Moving day is a perfect time to introduce yourself to others without feeling self-conscious.  You’re new to the community - ask questions if you are not sure where the pool or the mailboxes are – this makes a great ice breaker for meeting new people! 

Have Fun with our Community Center

Stonegate offers a beautiful community center with a full kitchen and business/media area.  Consider hosting a game night or monthly get-together with neighbors and community residents.   This is a great way to stay in touch with friends and meet new residents as well.  Just contact the rental office to see about reserving the room.

Take Your Family to the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool and fitness center are also two great places to meet other residents in the Stonegate community.  When at the pool, look for people you may have something in common with.  Children are an easy subject to bond over, so if you see another family, suggest your children play together in the pool. 

Hit Up Our On-Site Fitness Center

Everyone loves a workout buddy at the gym!  Since most people stick to a consistent workout schedule, take notice of people you see in the gym often when you are there.  Perhaps you can suggest meeting up for an outside jog through Stonegate’s beautiful 9 park-like acres of property.

Making New Friendships is Easy at Stonegate

The right apartment isn’t just a great space in a nice neighborhood. It’s also about being surrounded by friendly people who share your interests. At Stonegate, we pride ourselves on having created that kind of community.

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