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How to Organize and Declutter Your Space

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woman in cluttered closet

Is your cluttered space making you feel confined and dampening your mood? Have you acquired an unsightly collection of plastic storage boxes? Do you fantasize about how much more enjoyable life would be if your home was more orderly?

Any space is vulnerable to clutter. Mail piles up, your shoe collection outgrows your closet, an assortment of video games becomes unruly, etc. Whether you live in a one, two or three bedroom apartment, clutter can make your home seem smaller. But even the smallest of spaces can appear more spacious with some clever organizing.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Hooks are a cheap and simple way to create space. Free up room in drawers, cabinets and on counters by hanging up items such as keys, ties, belts, towels, and coffee mugs.

Over-the-Door Storage

Make efficient use of your doors by hanging these handy organizers on them. They can be used for anything from shoes and clothing to toiletries and pantry items.


Shelves are amazing space savers. They can be used to organize just about any item: toys, food, shoes, dishes, books, etc. Capitalize on unused wall space by putting up shelves. But make sure you get the green light before you start putting nails in the walls. If wall shelves are not an option, use bookshelves instead.

Double-duty Storage

Multi-purpose furniture is an attractive option for tucking away things like magazines, blankets, and toys. Consider buying a coffee table with drawers, night tables with shelves, or an ottoman or bench with built-in storage.

Under-bed Storage

Dont let all of that space under your bed go to waste. Use it to store clothes and linens that are out of season. Or maybe tuck away holiday ornaments and toys so that theyre out of the way. If your bed sits flat on the floor, use bed risers to prop it up.

Take it slowly and make changes one step at a time. Choose one project per weekend, and you’ll begin to see your apartment at Stonegate look more organized. You’ll feel better, too!

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