How To Deck The Halls in Your Apartment: Brought to You by Stonegate Apartments

Stonegate Apartments - Monday, December 15, 2014

‘Tis the season to make your apartment merry and bright! Some people think they don’t have as much to work with by living in an apartment vs. living in a house and then don’t end up decking the halls for the holiday season. Nothing could be further from the truth – an apartment can bring just as much holiday cheer!

Whether you’re just moving in, or if you’ve been at Stonegate for years, decorating for the holidays is an activity that can involve the entire family or just you and friends. Bring out the best in your apartment and saddle up with some eggnog!

5 Simple Suggestions For Apartment Decorating During the Holidays:

  1. Put a festive wreath on your door. Extra points if you use battery-operated lights to illuminate the boughs.
  2. String lights up on your balcony or patio. Be sure to unplug them before bedtime so they don’t shine into neighbors’ windows.
  3. Hang ornaments on curtain rods over your sliding glass door. Try hanging them vertically for a new twist over the traditional horizontal lights.
  4. String holiday cards across the tops of doorways. Bonus: this will remind you who you need to send cards out to in return. Place candles in bundles on tables rather than displaying them one at a time.

Remember, the holidays are about tradition and celebration, not trying to compete with Martha Stewart for best presentation. Even the smallest touches can take your apartment from everyday to festive! Decorate together with friends and family to create an environment that’s uniquely yours.

On behalf of all of us at Stonegate Apartments, happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

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