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How to Be a Good Tenant

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, January 08, 2015

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When renting a property, tenants have a responsibility for the care and maintenance of their space. Damaging and mistreating property is obviously not allowed, but the responsibilities and rights of the renter may be more extensive. The rental agreement will disclose in detail any obligations that the renter has to the space. Careful review of the agreement is vital in order to care for the rented space properly.

Care for a Rental Property as your Home

Treating the property as your home calls for a degree of respect that is not always given by a renter. You should care for a rented apartment the same way you would treat a purchased living space. You should never neglect or damage property and should always treat it with utmost respect. This may include day-to-day cleaning, as well as performing small repairs. Tasks such as changing light bulbs, or vacuuming regularly are often included in caring for a space.

The renter may not have the liberties that a home owner would have, such as painting, flooring or modifying the structure of a space. This is an exception to the notion that a rented space should be treated as a home. A renter may only make changes according to the renter’s agreement, but the care of owning a home should be extended to the rented property.

It’s as Simple as Asking For Help

When issues arise that are under the list of responsibilities of the property manager, it is important that the renter seek assistance. These problems could include leaking pipes, installing or fixing appliances, or modifying structure. Even if the renter is capable of performing these tasks, it is important that the manager is contacted first to ensure that the tenant will not be liable for damages that could be caused by an attempt to solve the issue.

If Help Does Not Arrive: What to Do

A renter could encounter an issue where a property manager is not completing their tasks, or is neglecting to respond to complaints. If issues are not being resolved by the property manager in a timely manner, it is the renter's right to report the property manager to a supervisor. When the manager shirks their responsibilities, they are creating a hazardous living condition for the renter. In this situation, the renter should feel comfortable with contacting a supervisor to maintain a healthy living environment. It is the renters right to complain about the quality of the manager's performance.

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