How to Be a Good Neighbor and Make Friends Doing It as a Renter

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Take a cue from Mr. Rogers and make sure it’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

There’s plenty of personal space at Stonegate, but there are others living nearby, and the best way to make everyone comfortable is to be a good neighbor.

Here are 6 Suggestions For Being Neighborly:

  1. Introduce yourself. Try your best to remember your neighbors’ names. If you can’t recall, ask them again the next time you see them.
  2. Don’t worry; it’s likely they don’t remember your name since the first introduction either.
  3. Be polite. There’s no need to have a long conversation with your neighbors each time you pass, but common courtesy dictates you should offer a greeting. Share a minute of small talk. Smile and say hello. Wave. Yes, you’re in a rush, but it doesn’t take long to be friendly.
  4. Keep noise to a minimum. That means no late-night parties, no booming music, and keep the TV at a reasonable volume. And try to cheer on your sports team at a non-ear shattering level.
  5. Be respectful of boundaries. You may have established a friendship with close neighbors, but that doesn’t mean you should drop by and expect to be welcomed into their apartment without notice.
  6. Be on the lookout. Keep a general eye on your neighbor’s apartment. This doesn’t mean stalking them. But if you notice anything unusual, such as someone trying to get in while they’re away, let our staff know.
  7. Calmly and politely discuss concerns with your neighbors as soon as they arise and before they escalate into larger issues.

We want you to feel right at home here at Stonegate. Communicating positively with your neighbors is just one more step in the right direction.

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