Go Green! Energy Saving Tips to Save Money!

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, May 07, 2015

Make energy- efficient choices in your home so you can reduce your energy consumption and save money!


Save energy by unplugging electrical items that aren’t in use. Believe it or not, items plugged in, even if they are off, actually draw energy. To simplify this process, plug multiple items into a power strip so you can unplug them all at one time. Also turn off your computer or place it in “sleep” mode and you could save up to 40-watts of electricity per hour.


Turning off lights that are not in use is another simple concept that can save you money each month. Although this may seem like a simple task, many lights are not switched off when leaving a room. To avoid this, consider installing a motion sensor for your light switches. Investing in energy saving lightbulbs and taking advantage of natural light by opening your blinds during the day are additional ways to conserve.

Temperature Control

Take advantage of the sunlight in the winter months by opening your blinds allowing the heat into your home. During the summer months, keep your blinds closed to cool your home. You can also conserve energy by adjusting the thermostat when leaving your house. Finally, be sure to maintain your heating and cooling systems to allow them to run more efficiently.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Along with energy efficient light bulbs, consider investing in energy efficient appliances. The new models can use up to 50% less energy than other models.

Reduce Your Water Usage

When doing laundry, wash economically! Reduce your usage to a full load of laundry at a time. If it is necessary to wash a partial load, be sure to use the economy or half load setting. Also consider purchasing a water saving showerhead to reduce water consumption when taking a shower. Lastly, while brushing your teeth turn off the water and you could save up to 5 gallons a day!

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