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Four Ways to Get Involved With Our Local Community

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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There’s nothing like getting involved with your local community, and one of the best ways to do so is by giving back! If you’re new to the area, or just looking to make new friends, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities near Stonegate for you!

  1. St. Peter’s Hospital: Volunteering at your local hospital can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only that, but with 65 different volunteer positions available, you can also work on building up your job skills by volunteering at St. Peter’s! Volunteer hours are flexible to fit every schedule, and there are even positions specifically for high school students!

  2. New York State Museum: If you’re interested in history of any sort, this is the opportunity for you! Volunteer opportunities with the Museum allow you to work with scientists and collection managers as you support areas such as archaeology, history, paleontology, biology, and more!

  3. Habitat for Humanity: Habitat’s Capital District branch has several opportunities for every skill set and availability! You can get involved at construction sites, manage inventory and donations at the ReStore, or even get the kids involved with youth & student groups!

  4. AnimaLovers: For the animal lovers, this non-profit, no-kill shelter is the perfect way to get involved! Volunteers who opt for this option have the opportunity to socialize the cats at the clinic, and screen potential adopters. Volunteering at an animal shelter is incredibly awarding, as you get to watch animals go to loving new homes and begin their new journey!

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