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Decorating the Apartment Rental: Things to Consider

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, February 19, 2015

Those who choose to rent, whether it’s to save money for a house or to avoid the costs of owning a home, can often be limited when it comes to decorating.

The point is, there may be restrictions that you have to abide by. These restrictions may be stricter than you care for, or they may be lenient. The most important thing to do initially is to find out from the property manager or owner what you can and can’t do.

You’ll want to know what freedoms you have. You also have to consider doing too much and spending too much of your hard earned money on something that may in the long run turn into a loss when you move. But, it’s up to you and the rules set forth by the management.

Some apartment owners may allow you to make only minor decorating changes. These may include: painting or hanging pictures and shelving. Bigger projects may include new flooring, adding wall structures, etc. Again, it’s imperative that you check with management.

Before You Start

Check with the owner and see if he/she is willing to split costs with you, depending on what changes you choose to make. You might find that management will help with the costs when it comes to painting or bigger structural changes – especially if the changes are going to add value to the property.

When in Doubt; Leave it Out

If as a renter you are in doubt about whether or not to perform a specific decorating action, don’t do it just yet. Obtain permission and if need be, get it in writing. It’s better to assume nothing is permissible than to go forward with your plans only to find later that your decorating goals cost you your security deposit or worse, nullify your rental agreement and cause you to have to move.

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