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Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

modern apartment furniture and decor

Modern design focuses on the function and organization of the room, keeping clutter and chaos to an absolute minimum.  Modern design for apartments is particularly popular because it increases space causing rooms to look larger.  Modern design uses art to spruce up rooms instead of different accessories which can create clutter.  Geometric patterns on rugs and pillows can add color and a bold look to the neutral color scheme of modern design while still maintaining open space. 

Edges, Neutrals   

The key aspects to modern design include lots of open space and bold colors, fabrics and furniture.  A neutral color pallet with a pop of bold color or design adds a drastic affect to the room. The different edges, curves and angles paired with polished smooth and sleek surfaces of materials like chrome and glass can add a cool metal touch to your functional design. 


Modern interiors appeal particularly to young busy professionals because it can be kept clean easily.  In order to ensure your space is kept clutter free and spacious make sure you pre-plan; Include sleek storage pieces to hide clutter.  Measuring both your space and the furniture to ensure proper fit is also important.  Proportion and scale play two crucial roles in keeping a spacious functional design within your home.

In creating a modern design, use clean sleek pieces in a neutral color palette and an accent piece to create a contrast of bold color.  Create symmetry and balance between your pieces, incorporating only functional and necessary elements into your design.  

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