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Can working from home work, when you live in an apartment?

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is your apartment really the best place to work? As telecommuting is on the rise in our society, many are questioning its effectiveness. Recent studies have shown an actual increase in productivity for those who work from home. Employees showed they were more likely to work when sick, took fewer breaks and had better performance all around. The appeal of not having a rush hour commute allows for more work time and less time sitting in traffic.

Many people look at their homes as their sanctuary away from the daily duties of work, but those who make an effort at their home work environment have become very successful at it. Although being home may provide for some distractions such as laziness, scheduling, or even the fridge we have outlined some tips for working from home efficiently.

Set an alarm and keep a normal routine, get up make some coffee and get out of your pajamas, just like you would if you were actually commuting to work.

Have a dedicated work space, have an at home office or convert a spare bedroom into a working space. Even in a smaller apartment create a working environment for yourself. Doing so is crucial for productivity and time management. Keeping your work life separate from home life when it’s all under one roof can be a challenge, having your own work space separate from your kitchen table can help compartmentalize your living. This separation allows you to know when you’re at work and still gives you the feeling of leaving work, keeping to a schedule and committing to those hours becomes easier when there is an actual separation, even if it is just a door. Having a separate work space is also necessary for home office tax deductions.

Before committing to working from your apartment, make sure there is enough room for you to keep things separate and clutter free. Staying organized in a smaller space creates a better environment for working. Keep in mind that being in an apartment building and having clients coming in and out of your home may be frowned upon by management and neighbors. Double check with your landlord, sometimes rental agreements can forbid working from your apartment. This may not be an issue if your business is not disruptive to the community.

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