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4 Steps to a Movie Night at Home

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, June 14, 2016
women sharing popcorn and watching a movie

Bored of the usual weekend activities? Put your Stonegate Apartment to good use and host a movie night at home!

Doing so is easy, and you’re just 4 steps away!

  1. Plan Ahead: Plan a couple weeks in advance to ensure your guests have time to see if they can come, or for you to adjust the date to one that’s better for everyone invited.
  2. Prepare Snacks: Serve movie favorites such as popcorn and candy. You can even ask your guests to each bring a snack for the group.
  3. Choose the Right Movie: Make sure the movie you choose is age-appropriate (Will there be any children there? Maybe an R rated horror film isn’t the best choice), and have a few options for everyone to vote on.
  4. No Talking/Texting/Phone Calls: This is frowned upon at the movie theater because it’s distracting, so why do it at your movie night? Let everyone know the rules beforehand.

Don’t forget to create the feeling of a theater by lowering the lights during the movie. Follow these steps, and you’re on your way to a fun night at home!

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