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3 Benefits of Renting an Apartment at Stonegate

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, July 12, 2016
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We’ve blogged before about the overall benefits to renting an apartment, well, anywhere. You can see those posts here and here. But let’s get more specific and cover 3 compelling, strong reasons to rent specifically at Stonegate, here in beautiful Rensselaer.

Stonegate Renter Benefit #1

Quite frankly, if you purchase a house, there are some amenities that you just can’t get, unless you’re a renter. At Stonegate, we have a community center that residents can use; whether for business or for small parties. Homeowners just don’t have this option and have to seek (often) faraway venues to hold a small business meeting or get together. Our community center (also equipped with a gym), is open to be used frequently by the residents who live here.

Stonegate Renter Benefit #2

Again, if you purchase a home, you’re limited to the space available in your house or on your property for additional storage. Sure, some homeowners are able to have sheds, but in some cases, it’s just not an option. Plus, as a homeowner, the costs of building a shed based on long-term structural integrity can be high, especially now that you’ve got a mortgage.

Here at Stonegate, however, we offer additional/individual storage units right here on the property. Having this amenity is not just a superior benefit to renting, it’s a perk that many homeowners don’t have.

Stonegate Renter Benefit #3

If you’ve rented a handful of times elsewhere, chances are such that you’ve experienced the mood and morale ruin that comes via neighbors above you. In some apartments, hearing your upstairs neighbors talk on the phone because of thin ceilings is commonplace. Additionally, if YOU live above someone and floors/ceilings are thin, your downstairs neighbors are most likely hearing much of what’s going on in your unit.

Stonegate apartments are different. We’re happy to offer sound-proof flooring that covers much of that pesky noise coming from above you. Just because you live in apartment within close proximity of other people does not mean you have to share everyday sounds and conversations. Living at Stonegate gives you all of the perks of community living without feeling like you’re in a college dorm room.

We have a slew of compelling amenities for our residents and we invite you to see them all! Check them out here and then give us a call to set up an appointment if you’re interested in learning more about living here at Stonegate!

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