Add Color to Your Home without Painting with these 4 Fun Tips

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, January 18, 2018
Living in an apartment boasts a variety of perks for each of the residents, but, sometimes we need a bit of inspiration when it comes to decorating without paint. The inability to paint doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with beautiful colors. Below are 4 easy ways to incorporate color into your home without picking up a paintbrush! 

1. Pillows and Throws: Accessories like pillows and blankets create the perfect opportunity to add layers of color as well as textures to your home. They’re also something that can easily be changed with the calendar seasons or even the holidays. 
2. Accent Rug: Invest in an accent rug! If you have mostly neutral colors for furniture an accent rug can bring added life to the room. Or if you have a couch that boasts a colorful personality, find a rug that will coordinate well so it ties the room together. 
3. Reupholster Dining Chairs: Have you been to a garage sale and spotted a set of dining chairs that needed a little TLC but weren’t sure what to do with them? Have them reupholstered, or if you have the skills this creates the perfect DIY project! 
4. Plants: If colorful furniture and DIY projects isn’t your cup of tea, try added life to your apartment with plants. Don’t have a green thumb? The right artificial plant (that doesn’t look artificial) will work for your space just as well. 

There are so many ways to bring color into your home without a drop of paint ever touching the walls; we hope these 4 ideas have brought you a bit of inspiration. We’d love to see your pictures, share them with us on Facebook (@liveatstonegate)! 

Maybe you need a little more than some color in your home, how about a blank slate? With so many benefits and amenities you’ll want to call Stonegate Apartments your home! Contact us and schedule a tour today!

Start 2018 with a New Home at Stonegate Apartments

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, January 05, 2018
Stonegate Apartments are a luxury complex which is nestled in the Town of North Greenbush. We are proud to have created a quiet, rural-like community; with so many perks and amenities you’ll be ready to call us your home sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Living at Stonegate Apartments

Our residents enjoy a high level of comfort while living in one of our many layouts. We offer one, two, or three-bedroom luxury apartments. Each of our apartments have their own in-unit FULL SIZE washer/dryer, sound proof flooring, granite counter tops, as well as 9’ ceilings! 

Some of our other amenities include:
Key Fob/ Intercom Entry: Safety is a top priority for our entire staff which is why our buildings are equipped with secure entrances.
Community Center: Our community center offers residents a place to work or relax with a full kitchen and business/media area. Not only that, it also has a fitness room!
Heated Garage with Elevator Service: You won’t have to worry about warming up a car or combating the frigid temperatures with our heated garage! Come and go as you please without facing the cold. 
Inground Swimming Pool: Enjoy relaxing poolside during those warm summer months! 

Contact Stonegate Apartments
To hear more about what Stonegate Apartments has to offer our residents, and to schedule a tour, we encourage you to contact us!

5 Tips to Creating a Cozier Apartment this Winter Season

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter is officially upon us, which for upstate New York means blistering winds and frigid temperatures. It gets darker faster and many of us want to stay inside where it’s nice and warm. This winter season; create a cozier apartment while also making it feel more inviting. 

1. Add Levels of Lighting: During the winter, we begin and end our days in the dark. Creating layers of light in your apartment with a mixture of table lamps and floor lamps will help brighten your home. For more of a mixture, use a variety of warm lights and cool lights. 
2. Add Texture: Create a cozier home by adding texture to your walls. If you have drapes for example, pulling them shut will create texture as well as keeping the cold air out. If you want to keep yours open and let the light in, find a unique tapestry or quilt to hang from a wall. It will bring life to an otherwise blank space and create a talking point for you and your guests.
3. Create a Nook: Winter is a perfect time to stay inside and catch up on your reading! Pick a space in your apartment that will be your designated reading nook and gather everything that you will need. Add pillows, a blanket, and something to set your tea or coffee on and you’re set for your reading nook!
4. Personal Comfort: For those who are away from loved ones and find themselves getting a little homesick at times, this is a perfect project. Take the time to add some of your favorite images to your wall space, desks, or other areas that look a little bare. Whether it’s a family photo, photos from your college days, or your favorite album in a frame, looking at familiar images is sure to make your apartment feel a little more like home.
5. Keep a Blanket Handy: A quick and easy way to make your home feel cozier is to drape blankets on your couch, recliner, or end chairs. Your home will become cozier, more inviting, and this will ensure that warmth is only an arm’s reach away. 

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Now that you’ve read our tips for a cozier apartment this winter, contact Stonegate Apartments to schedule a tour!

Host a “Home Alone” Themed Party

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, December 01, 2017

Each year it’s the same holiday party; a cookie exchange, an ugly sweater party, or a gingerbread house decorating competition. This holiday season try something different, perhaps a “Home Alone” themed party that will be especially fun for those who are nostalgic for the 1990s. 

The Décor:
The Tree: Your party wouldn’t be complete without a tree covered with lights, tinsel, and ornaments. If getting a real tree isn’t in your wheel house, an artificial tree will do just as well. 

Ditch the Fine China:Bring out your finest paper plates and plastic cups; no fine china allowed at this party!  

Lights: The family’s home was covered in twinkling white lights. Head to the store and grab as many boxes as you can and start hanging them around your home. 

Toys: Do you have any plastic army figurines leftover from your childhood? If so, unpack them and get them set up around the party. If you didn’t have the foresight to keep your army men, head to a toy store – you’re bound to find some!

The Menu:
Pizza: Only the cheesiest-cheese pizzas will work for this theme! Certainly you can make exceptions to the rule for dietary purposes or if you’d like to add a variety of pizzas.

Mac and Cheese: So there’s a bit of a theme happening here – every cheese covered food you loved from your childhood! You can stick to the classic menu from the film by making boxed macaroni and cheese, or you can create the dish using a favorite recipe of your own!

Beverages: You’re setting a childhood memory filled scene, it must include soda! You can certainly add some fun cocktails to the menu if you feel they would go over better with your guests. 

Most importantly, have fun and create new memories with your friends and family! 

Make Stonegate Apartments Your Home 
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3 Tips to Make Your Home Look Better in 10 Minutes or Less

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

While living in an apartment, it needs to feel as though it is truly your own space. One aspect many renters face is how to bring “life” into the apartment and turn it into a space that is all their own. We're here to help you make your home look better in 10 minutes or less!

Reduce The Clutter
Many of us are embarrassed to admit this, but, we have clutter. One way to breathe life into your apartment and help bring it towards feeling like your own is to cut down on the clutter, or remove it entirely. It may not be a lot – a magazine or two, fliers, takeout menus, school calendars, but, clearing it out can do a world of wonders! Everything should have a home; even if it's the recycling bin.

Less Can Be More
The space needs to become your own, but, you and your guests shouldn't feel overwhelmed by your design touches. Is your couch covered in pillows and blankets? Try taking a couple pieces away; put them in a linen closet and then switch them out with the seasons! Art and photographs are another wonderful way to bring life into your home, but, every square inch of your walls does not need something hanging from it.

Give Your Furniture Some Space
While arranging the furniture in our homes we're all tempted to put a coffee table directly in front of the couch and a recliner with an end table right next to one of the chair's arms. Give your furniture some space, move your coffee table a few more inches away from the couch and put the end table in a corner with a table top lamp for a little added décor. This will help your space feel less clustered and crowded.

We hope you found these tips helpful; apply them to your home today and see how much they can do for you. Perhaps you're searching for a new place to call home, contact Stonegate Apartments today to schedule a tour!

9 Thanksgiving Traditions for Your Family to Start This Year

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, November 03, 2017

Each year it’s the same: wake up early, cook, travel, eat, nap, and then eat some more. This year try something different with your friends, family, and loved ones. Start a new tradition. They don’t have to be boring or tedious like some people may think; these ideas are fun and easy!

Hold a Raffle
Ask each guest to bring a nonperishable food item to donate to a food pantry; each item gives them an entry into the raffle. Have fun with the prizes, first choice at the turkey or dessert, rights to the wishbone, goofy sunglasses or toys from a dollar store – the sky’s the limits, use your imagination!  

Guess the Thanks
Each year people tend to go around the table and share what they are thankful for that year. Instead, have your guests write down on a piece of paper what they are thankful for and put it in a jar. When it’s time to eat, you will each read a submission and take turns guessing the anonymous submission. 

Recipe Swap
This will be easy and fun especially if you’re hosting as a potluck. If you are, ask your guests to bring the recipe for the dish they shared. If it isn’t a potluck, ask them to bring any of their favorite recipes. This will give your guests something to talk about aside from the weather and the game on T.V.

Those Who Cook Don’t Clean
If you cooked, kick your feet up after the feast is over; those who didn’t cook will do the cleaning! This can be viewed as more of a principal than a tradition, call it what you will, it is something that should be adopted in each household. 

Pre-Dessert Walk
Something so simple, we almost didn’t think of it. Rather than crashing on the couch and recliner, get everyone up and moving. Go for a walk in the park or down a peaceful road before having dessert. 

Bring a Game
Chances are, if your family plays a game – they play it every time they’re together. There’s nothing wrong with playing the same game, but, it’s fun to mix things up and try something new. Introduce your friends and family to a game they haven’t played before, you never know, it could become a new favorite.

Ditch the Football
Okay, maybe not entirely, but keep in mind not everyone wants to watch football for six hours. Instead, add in some classic TV sitcoms – especially any that have Thanksgiving episodes. 

Hand-Me-Down Exchange 
Holidays are a perfect time to clean out the closet, especially if there are kids in your home. Encourage your guests to bring any items they are no longer wearing, winter coats, boots, shirts, you name it! Chances are one of your friends or loved one could use the item, or knows someone who’s in need! 

Book Swap
Don’t think of this as a book club, simply a swap. Guests can bring a book (or two, or three) and pass them along to one another so that others can enjoy their favorites. This will help give your guests something to talk about and perhaps introduce them to an author they wouldn’t normally read. It will also help kids become comfortable if they aren’t as rowdy as some of the other young ones.

We hope you enjoyed these tradition tips and they bring you years of enjoyment. For more tips including where to donate unwanted items contact Stonegate Apartments!

Go Green with These 5 Tips from Stonegate Apartments

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Hands holding a planted tree and a globe

Reducing energy usage and chemicals helps to alleviate the footprint we leave behind on our environment. Going green isn’t as difficult as it seems. Follow these 5 tips from Stonegate Apartments to get started making the necessary changes around your home! 

Lighting: Incandescent light bulbs may seem like a better purchase since their sticker price is often cheaper compared to other options. However, they can actually cost you more in the long run. Whereas using light bulbs such as Light Emitting Diode (LED), Halogen Incandescent, or a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) will last longer and save you money on your electricity bill. Many manufacturers will include the average lifespan as well as the average cost for your electric bill. 

Turning lights off in a room while not in use is a simple concept, but, is lost on many. Many of us have a bad habit of leaving lights on when we leave a room. Turning lights off can save you money every month and your light bulbs will last longer. 

Temperature Control: There are a few ways to control and maintain a comfortable temperature in your apartment that won’t make your electricity bill skyrocket and will help you go green! Many home goods stores have a wide selection of insulated curtains which help to keep the temperature in your apartment regulated. So if there are extreme temperatures outside, keeping the curtains closed will help keep you cozy and will help ensure your heat (or air conditioning) isn’t running when it shouldn’t. 

Limiting the use of your oven, especially during summer months, will also help keep the temperature regulated and help in your green efforts. Using an oven for long periods of time builds up heat in the apartment, which makes your air conditioning run longer and work harder. 

Power Down: Using a surge protector for appliances or electronics which use a lot of energy allows you to turn them on and off quickly and efficiently. Appliances and electronics that are left plugged in, even if they aren’t on, actually draw energy. Having items plugged into a surge protector will also help protect them in the event of severe weather and power outages. One such item you should consider using this for is your laptop or desktop computer. 

Green Cleaning Products: Take time to consider the chemical cocktail in your cleaning products. These chemicals can potentially be dangerous to those within your home and the environment. While cleaning, the chemicals are released into the environment and they can be absorbed into your skin. Changing your products will lessen pollution in waterways, air, and minimizes our impact to the ozone layer. 

Recycle: The Stonegate community offers recycling with our amenities and we encourage all of our residents to take advantage of this! Adding a recycling bin in your home allows for you to separate the recycling from the garbage and dispose of each in their proper containers once you take them outside. Recycling isn’t as tedious as it sounds and we encourage all of our residents to partake so that we can help protect our environment. 

What steps are you taking to go green? Share your tips and tricks with us! Or, if you’re ready to make the Stonegate community your new home, contact us to schedule a tour!

6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and Happy on Halloween

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Children trick or treating

Trick or treating is an event kids of all ages look forward to every year. As parents, and guardians, there are plenty of factors involved which are cause for concern. We’ve gathered a few tips to help keep kids safe as well as try to alleviate some stress you may face.  

1. Plan a Route in Advance: Trick-or-treating routes can often take you away from your home. Many times it means walking a great distance. This isn’t typically a big deal for adults, but for kids it means sore legs and frustration. Additionally, it is ideal to map out a route before leaving your home. Be sure to stick to areas and roads you are familiar with so that you can avoid getting lost.
2. Wear Comfortable Shoes: Kids as well as adults should wear comfortable, well-fitting footwear. Costumes that would typically require shoes or boots with heels should be substituted for something more comfortable for long walks. Footwear with laces, such as sneakers, should be double-knotted to avoid coming untied and tripping.  
3. Stay Visible: A tip you may have heard is to put your child in a bright colored costume, however, that isn’t always a possibility. You will need to make sure your child is easily visible to drivers. Carrying a flashlight will help keep your path lit as well as aiding drivers. Additionally, you can add reflective tape to the costume to help further aid drivers and make sure the kids can be seen. 
4. Check the Length of the Costume: Longer costumes which drag on the ground can pose as a danger for kids, especially in the evening hours. Whether you purchase or make your child’s costume, make sure it is a safe length. If anything seems to be too long, alter the costume prior to leaving your home for the evening. 
5. Props: Depending on the costume, it is possible that a prop can’t be avoided. If this is the case, the best course of action is to use rubber, plastic or foam props. These materials are safer for kids and are less likely to harm another person. 
6. Check Their Candy: Once you’re home for the night, it’s time to inspect the candy. Anything that isn’t in the original packaging, or if it’s homemade, needs to be thrown away. Wrappers that have rips, tears or holes also need to be tossed. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And if some good pieces make it into your stash, we won’t tell!

At Stonegate, we value the safety of all of our residents. We hope you found these tips helpful and they keep your family safe while trick-or-treating! Have a happy and safe Halloween! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Window Treatment Tips That Won’t Damage Your Walls

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Apartment decorated in a purple color scheme

While renting your apartment, you want to make it feel like your home, but, you may not feel comfortable with a drill. We’ve gathered a list of 5 tips for window treatments that don’t require any tools and will help keep your privacy

1. Temporary Hooks: Temporary hooks can attach more than just pictures to your walls. They are also fantastic for hanging curtain rods. This method is ideal for those who want to add a touch of design or elegance with finials rather than a tension rod which is hidden by the curtain. What’s great about these temporary hooks is you can easily remove the hook by pulling the tab’s strip and it will release the hold. This makes moving and redecorating a breeze!

2. Tension Rods: If your windows are traditional paned windows with frames, tension rods can be held firmly between both sides. You are able to dress up your tension rods with sheer, or lightweight, curtains and a thin rod for a touch of delicate elegance. Tension rods can also be placed at the top of the window or even the middle. This all depends on the style you’re going for and how much privacy you desire.

3. Compression Shades: This option allows you to add shades to your windows that are the exact size you need. There are many hardware stores that you are able to order compression shades from and the shade will be custom fit to your window. From translucent to light-blocking shades, these pull-down shades will add an understated touch of class.

4. Faux Roman Shade: Do you have a sewing machine and are able to sew in a straight line? Do you love a DIY project? Then this is the curtain for you! By sewing a pocket at the top and bottom of the curtain and adding a tension rod to both ends you’ve created something truly unique to fit your home. 

5. Twist and Fit Rods: Twist and fit rods use the same thought as a tension rod, these rods fit securely across your window without having to drill any holes. They are designed to give the impression of a hook and separate rod, like a traditional curtain rod, when in fact it is all one piece!

Contact Stonegate Apartments 
For more tips to make customizations to your apartment, or to schedule a tour of our apartments, contact Stonegate Apartments today!

5 Fall Activities to Keep You Busy

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Couple tossing fall leaves in the air

Fall is a wonderful time of year that has a lot to offer whether you’re a person who enjoys the indoors or you’d rather be outside taking in the crisp air and changing leaves. What’s better than fall and the activities? Fall in the capital district! There a lot of fun activities planned if you want to do more than the usual leaf peeping.

Outside Activities

Adirondack Balloon Festival: September 21st through September 24th is the 45th annual festival held in Glens Falls and Queensbury. There are balloons of every shape and size taking over the sky. You can watch from the ground as they launch or take a drive and see a sky full of hot air balloons. 

Goold Orchard Apple Festival and Craft Show: The 28th annual festival will be held October 8th and 9th from 9am to 5pm. The festival will happen rain or shine, check the weather before heading up and see if you should come prepared with a rain coat or if a light jacket will suffice. There will be live music including Hair of the Dog, tents with crafts, and a tent for wine tasting! 

Turkey Trot: The Troy Turkey Trot began in 1916 and has been growing in popularity ever since!  Wake up early Thanksgiving morning and participate or cheer from the sidelines. When the race concludes, you’ll be ready for your Thanksgiving meal!

Indoor Activities 

Apple and Wine Festival: This festival is happening  September 16th and 17th at the Altamont Fair Grounds! Since it’s at the Altamont Fair Grounds, some events may occur outdoors. But there’s much to do inside as well! A haunted house for the kids, wine tasting, crafts, Pampered Chef cooking demonstrations and much more!

New York State Museum: There are many exhibitions coming up for the NYS museum including Enterprising Waters: New York’s Erie Canal and Votes for Women: Celebrating New York’s Suffrage Centennial. These are in addition to their ongoing exhibitions such as Minerals of New York and Fire Engine Hall. Make learning fun! 

So get out there this fall with friends and family and enjoy some fun activities! If you’re searching for more activities, or if you’d like to schedule a tour of our apartments, contact Stonegate Apartments today!
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