5 Effortless Ways to Entertain This Season

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

When you’re entertaining your guests you want it to feel effortless while still being fun, especially during the warmer months. From an edible tablescape to unique ice that will have them talking, we’ve compiled 5 ways to entertain your guests with ease!

5 Way to Effortlessly Entertain

1. Ice that’s unique: Guests always want ice for their beverage, especially during the warmer months. Rather than offering plain ice, do something a little special. Adding a raspberry or blueberry to the water before freezing adds a nice touch. You can also eliminate the water entirely and create ice cubes out of iced tea or lemonade (depending on what you’re serving) this way you avoid diluting the drink.
2. Fresh flowers: The day before your get together, or if you have time that morning, pick up a bouquet or two of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers create an added touch that looks and smells wonderful that your guests will love and appreciate.
3. Bring something to share: You know they’ll end up asking you what they can bring to share, so get ahead of the questions and ask them to bring a favorite dessert or side dish to share. If you plan to take this route, encourage them to also bring the recipe so if someone loves it as much as them, they can have their own copy!
4. Edible tablescape: Rather than taking up room on your table with a centerpiece that serves no function other than simply looking nice, create a tablescape that is edible. Crudité platters, tea cakes, or visually appealing hors d’oeuvres will create the same desired effect as a traditional center piece.   
5. Playlist: Create a playlist ahead of time for your gathering so you aren’t left to find songs during the event. You could even take it one step further and ask your guests to give you the name of their favorite artist or their favorite song; this way you can create a custom playlist that makes everyone feel included. 

While all of these are important, the most important part of your get together is your home! Do you have enough space? Are the grounds outside your building well-maintained? If you answered “no”, then it’s time to find a new place to call your home. Contact Stonegate today to schedule your tour! Our apartments are spacious and the kitchens have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, which makes hosting so much easier! 

Declutter Your Home in 4 Easy Ways This Season

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, May 04, 2018
Spring cleaning is a task many of us dread each year, but, it’s something that must be done. Even after you’ve finished your spring cleaning, it’s possible that your home still feels cluttered. Continue reading for 4 tips to declutter your home this season!

Becoming Decluttered In 4 Ways

1. Winter Décor: We’ve passed the time frame when it’s still okay to have winter décor around the home, unless it serves a purpose, put it away.  Our residents have the luxury to enjoy oversized closets which they can use to store their seasonal décor! 
2. Cut Back on the Blankets: Each year we tend to accumulate more and more blankets, maybe they were on sale, given as a gift, or it as a print you couldn’t say “no” to. Whichever the reason, consider how much they will be used during the warmer months and put a few away or find a few that haven’t been used recently and donate them
3. Collections: Whether you’re an avid book collector, records, DVDs, magnets or any other collectable, it can take up space and make your home look cluttered. DVDs or books, for example, aren’t used all the time. Consider storing some that you don’t use on a regular basis. 
4. Catch-All: Dressers, desks, and countertops tend to act as catch-alls for homes and the clutter can become quite unsightly. Sort through all the papers and decide what needs to stay and what can be tossed. If it doesn’t serve a purpose and isn’t essential, recycle it.  

If you’ve done all of this and find that your home still feels cluttered, consider renting a spacious apartment from Stonegate! We offer one, two, and three bedroom apartments with amazing closet space that will make you feel comfortable while you’re our resident. If you desire more storage space or an enclosed space for your car, we also have heated garages with elevator service available!  

10 Ways to Become more Organized

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, April 20, 2018

Having a home that is cluttered and unorganized is a terrible habit that needs to be broken. Some find it easiest to become more organized when they’re doing their spring cleaning since they are already going through their belongings and tossing out unwanted items. But, the organization shouldn’t stop once the spring cleaning is over with; keep up with it using these 10 tips!

10 Ways to Become Better Organized

1. Storage Boxes: Even something so small can have a major impact on your space. Storage boxes, bins, or baskets serve multiple purposes. They create an appealing look for your home while also putting things out of sight. 
2. Furnishings with Doors: If at all possible, decorate your home with door-fronted furniture. Television stands, armoires, cabinets, and so many more pieces of furniture can act as a storage container without creating an eyesore. 
3. Bed Risers: One issue that many renters may face is running out of storage and trying to find a way to create more storage. One way to do so is utilizing bed risers, especially in a child’s room or a guest room. This gives the ability to store items under the bed while still allowing them to be accessible. 
4. Key Hooks: Are you (or someone else in your home) always misplacing your keys? Try a key hook for the entryway! There are many options available now from sleek and modern to options that boast a lot of personality – either way, it will do its job and keep your keys where they belong!
5. Cord Organizers: Whether the cords are under the desk in your office, bunched up with your entertainment center, or next to an end table, they can be quite unsightly! Cord organizers act as cover for your cords, while keeping them organized and out of eyesight. It also helps keep little fingers away too! 
6. Table Skirt: If your end table has a shelf underneath that you use for storage (or even the floor beneath it), topping it with a table skirt brings a cute addition to the room while still keeping the table functional. 
7. Hamper with a Lid: If you keep your clothes hamper out in the open, using one with a lid not only covers all of your dirty clothes but also helps keep your space looking neat and organized.
8. Multi-Tasking Furniture: Furniture that serves multiple purposes is a must for those who require a lot of storage but desire pieces that serve another function. Pieces such as storage ottomans or storage beds are the perfect way to incorporate multiple functions.  
9. Mail or Coupon Box: Many of us are in the habit of tossing mail on the counter with the idea of going through it later, or even the coupons we get while grocery shopping. Rather than leaving it out, purchase a decorative box that can hide it for you until you have time to sort it out.
10. Space Saver Bags: Vacuum-sealed bags give you the opportunity to store more items than usual under your bed or in a closet. This can be beneficial for seasonal items like heavy, bulky, sweaters that typically take up a lot of space. 

These are just 10 of the organization tips we have for you and we hope you find them helpful in your home. Maybe you’ve mastered the necessary organization skills to keep your home neat and tidy and you simply need more space. Stonegate Apartments is the place for you! We offer a variety of floor plans best suited for you and your needs. From one bedroom to three bedrooms, you’ll be happy to call us home. Schedule a tour  today!

How to Keep Your WiFi Secure In Your New Apartment

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, April 06, 2018

Renting an apartment, whether it’s your first or not, comes with a lot of responsibilities! After setting up your utilities and getting moved in, it's time to take care of a security task - protecting your home WiFi network. 

Why Do I Need to Worry About Secure WiFi?

In short: because you don't want other people using your WiFi, for many reasons. One of the most obvious is that you don't want anyone else taking up your bandwidth and slowing down your internet speeds. However, there are major security risks, as well. 

With just a little work, anyone can get into an unsecured network. When someone is in your network, they can:

- Monitor your web activity. When this is happening, the unauthorized individual can not only read your emails and see which sites you visit, they can also steal any of your log-in and personal information that you input online.
- View all of your files on your computer
- Spread a virus on your computer. 
- Use your internet connection to perform illegal activity.
- Use your accounts to send spam to all of your contacts.

How Do I Keep The WiFi In My Apartment Safe?

There are two simple ways to make sure that your router is secure: 

Change Your Preset Name: Every router comes with a preset name, which includes the factory name of the router. The problem with this is that if any potential hackers want to get into your router, they will be able to easily identify vulnerabilities with your network, based on their knowledge of the router model. 

Change The Password: Routers also come with a factory password. Again, a hacker knows what router you're using, they can easily guess the password, as well. While you're at it, make sure your password is something unique and difficult to guess! Tip: Avoid pet names (or your own name!) and any combination that makes it easy to figure out. 

How Do I Change My WiFi’s Name And Password?

Changing your network name and password are fairly simple tasks. Once you identify the kind of router you have, simply look on the company's website for instructions on how to change your information.

That's it! Now, all you need is the perfect first apartment! 

Contact Stonegate Apartments

We are a luxury apartment community located in the Town of North Greenbush with 24/7 maintenance, heated, underground, parking with elevator service directly to your apartment! We are nestled on more than 9 acres of quiet land which gives you the peace and quiet you truly desire while still being conveniently located to creature comforts we all know and love. Schedule your tour today!

Should You Store Your Dirty Clothes in the Washing Machine?

Stonegate Apartments - Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tossing clothes into the washing machine where they lay waiting for enough to accrue so that you will need to run the machine may seem like the best and easiest route to take. The clothes are going to end up in there anyway, so what’s the big deal? Our apartments are equipped with in-unit washers and dryers which can be tempting for some to use the washer as way to store dirty clothes. Ultimately, this may not be the best idea! 

Clothes sitting in the drum of a washing machine are more likely to have a decrease in light and airflow which can prevent the machine from fully drying. Once this happens, the moisture encourages the growth of germs, mildew, or even mold on your laundry. Washing machines are inherently warm and damp, which provides the ideal home for the bacteria to grow. While they aren’t necessarily harmful to the clothes, they are harmful to your machine. The spores in the machine are also able to travel through the air which could lead to health issues. 

Leave your washing machine open, or at least ajar, while empty gives the machine time to fully dry in between cycles. Additionally, to keep your machine at its best you should clean it once a month or so. Many laundry detergent manufacturers also make a cleaning solution for the machine.     

Using a hamper or laundry basket will help increase the longevity of your machine while also minimizing the potential growth and spread of bacteria or mold spores. 

Contact Stonegate Apartments

Perhaps your current living situation doesn’t have a washer or dryer in the unit ready for you to use whenever you’d like. If that’s the case, it’s time to reconsider and find a new place to call home! Contact Stonegate Apartments today to schedule a tour. Our luxury apartments are nestled in the Town of North Greenbush offers a high level of comfort our residents love!  

Ideal Renter Solutions to Maximize Your Space in 4 Ways

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

How many times have you started reading a blog about maximizing your space, only to realize their suggested solutions won’t actually work for you? Whether it’s installing shelving units, or suspending your pans from the kitchen ceiling, not every solution is viable for your space. 

Space Saving Tips For Renters

Maximize your floor space: Whether you live in one of our one bedroom or even one of our 3 bedroom apartments, floor space can be a hot commodity. Lofted beds, for example, are a great piece for a child’s bedroom. This allows for plenty of space for a desk to do their homework without overcrowding the floor.  

Small tool kitchen storage: While renting, you may find that the kitchen space or layout isn’t completely what you desire. Investing in organizational containers, stand-alone shelves, or even tension rods will allow you the ability to customize your kitchen to fit your needs. 

Invest in baskets: Decorative baskets serve a higher purpose than simply looking nice. Baskets can be tucked into the corner of a room while holding extra throw blankets. If your kitchen cabinets don’t rest up against the ceiling, this creates an ideal place for decorative baskets that hold items you aren’t using on a regular basis but can’t seem to part with. 

Embrace the decorative ladder: Whether you’re aiming for a country feel, or a mid-century vibe, ladders have found their way into our homes and out of storage. Depending on where you want your ladder to live will vary how it’s used for storage. From blankets and throws, to bookshelves (if the rungs are wide enough) ladders create storage that is both unique and purposeful. 

Perhaps you’ve simply run out of space in your apartment and you’re in need of a new place to call home. Contact us today and schedule a tour! Stonegate Apartments offers one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Our community enjoys high level standards and comfort. We’re sure to have a place you’d love to call your home.  

3 Tips to Make Your Yoga Routine Easier at Home

Stonegate Apartments - Tuesday, February 20, 2018
You don’t have to go to a yoga studio in order to get your workout completed for the day! Create a studio that’s all your own in the privacy of your home in a few minutes with these easy steps.

Create A Yoga Studio At Home

1. Designate an Area for Yoga: To be serious about doing yoga at home, you need to create an area specifically for yoga. This will become your “studio”. Whether you use a curtain or wall divider to separate your space, it’s important to have a designated area to keep you motivated. You can even use a piece of furniture that you already have such as coffee table, or even if there’s ample room between your couch and the wall!
2. Stock up on Instructional Videos: Unless you’re a professional instructor, you may find it easier to have videos on hand to guide you through your routine. There are many different techniques which all serve different purposes. Before committing, do some research to find the routine best suited for you!
3. Start Your Routine: Many of us are creatures of habit, which makes it easier to stick to a routine. Whether you prefer to do yoga first thing in the morning to start your day, or if you’d rather use it to wind down at the end of the day, find what works for you and stick to it.

With the spacious living areas of each of our apartments, you will find creating your own yoga studio isn’t difficult at all. If you want to add more to your routine, head to our fitness center. With your own in-house yoga studio and our fitness center, you won’t need a gym membership!

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Looking for a new place to call home this year? Contact Stonegate Apartments and schedule a tour. We're sure to have a place you will love!

Events to Keep Everyone Busy This Month

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, February 01, 2018

We might be in the middle of a blistery cold winter, but, that doesn't mean you have to be stuck inside your home all season. During the month of February albany.com has something scheduled every week! Events such as ice skating, basketball games, a wine and chocolate festival, and everything in between - there's fun for the whole family throughout the Capital Region no matter if you prefer to be indoors or outdoors!

Indoor Fun in the Capital Region:

Siena Men's Basketball Games: Head to the Times Union Center on February 2nd to show your support for the Siena Men's Basketball team as they take on Manhattan. Unable to make that game? That's okay! The Saints will be back at it on February 12th at the Times Union Center to take on Iona, and then again on February 18th to take on Monmouth.

Wine and Chocolate Festival: Who doesn't love the classic combination of wine and chocolate? You won't want to miss this event on February 10th at The Desmond Hotel in Albany!

Children's Star Sighting: February 17th the Henry Hudson Planetarium is hosting an event suitable for kids in grades pre-k through second grade. Children's Star Sighting is an interactive program that allows children to explore the stars, planets, comets, and constellations in the night sky.

Longfellows Wedding Show: Are you or someone you know planning a wedding? Head to Longfellows on February 25th for The Longfellows Wedding Show. This is their 18th year hosting the event. 

Outdoor Fun in the Capital Region:

Fire and Ice Days at The Mill/Ice Bar: Spend an evening relaxing at a 30-foot ice bar or have some fun using the ice-sculpted shuffleboard at The Mill/Ice Bar in Round Lake. The Ice Bar will be open each weekend throughout the month of February. There will even be fire pits to keep you toasty while enjoying the ice. 

Clifton Park Winterfest: The Town of Clifton Park is hosting their annual Winterfest on February 10th with events for the whole family! Face painting, Best Soup contest, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and a winter nature tour – there's plenty for everyone. 

Youth Hockey: Do you know a child who is interested in learning how to play hockey? Get them started for free on February 24th at the Empire State Plaza. The event is hosted by USA Hockey and Troy Albany Youth Hockey. 

These are only a few of the events happening throughout the Capital Region during the month of February! With so much happening, there's no reason to feel the winter blues.

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Looking for a new place to call home this winter season? Contact Stonegate Apartments and schedule a tour. We're sure to have a place you will love!

Add Color to Your Home without Painting with these 4 Fun Tips

Stonegate Apartments - Thursday, January 18, 2018
Living in an apartment boasts a variety of perks for each of the residents, but, sometimes we need a bit of inspiration when it comes to decorating without paint. The inability to paint doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with beautiful colors. Below are 4 easy ways to incorporate color into your home without picking up a paintbrush! 

1. Pillows and Throws: Accessories like pillows and blankets create the perfect opportunity to add layers of color as well as textures to your home. They’re also something that can easily be changed with the calendar seasons or even the holidays. 
2. Accent Rug: Invest in an accent rug! If you have mostly neutral colors for furniture an accent rug can bring added life to the room. Or if you have a couch that boasts a colorful personality, find a rug that will coordinate well so it ties the room together. 
3. Reupholster Dining Chairs: Have you been to a garage sale and spotted a set of dining chairs that needed a little TLC but weren’t sure what to do with them? Have them reupholstered, or if you have the skills this creates the perfect DIY project! 
4. Plants: If colorful furniture and DIY projects isn’t your cup of tea, try added life to your apartment with plants. Don’t have a green thumb? The right artificial plant (that doesn’t look artificial) will work for your space just as well. 

There are so many ways to bring color into your home without a drop of paint ever touching the walls; we hope these 4 ideas have brought you a bit of inspiration. We’d love to see your pictures, share them with us on Facebook (@liveatstonegate)! 

Maybe you need a little more than some color in your home, how about a blank slate? With so many benefits and amenities you’ll want to call Stonegate Apartments your home! Contact us and schedule a tour today!

Start 2018 with a New Home at Stonegate Apartments

Stonegate Apartments - Friday, January 05, 2018
Stonegate Apartments are a luxury complex which is nestled in the Town of North Greenbush. We are proud to have created a quiet, rural-like community; with so many perks and amenities you’ll be ready to call us your home sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Living at Stonegate Apartments

Our residents enjoy a high level of comfort while living in one of our many layouts. We offer one, two, or three-bedroom luxury apartments. Each of our apartments have their own in-unit FULL SIZE washer/dryer, sound proof flooring, granite counter tops, as well as 9’ ceilings! 

Some of our other amenities include:
Key Fob/ Intercom Entry: Safety is a top priority for our entire staff which is why our buildings are equipped with secure entrances.
Community Center: Our community center offers residents a place to work or relax with a full kitchen and business/media area. Not only that, it also has a fitness room!
Heated Garage with Elevator Service: You won’t have to worry about warming up a car or combating the frigid temperatures with our heated garage! Come and go as you please without facing the cold. 
Inground Swimming Pool: Enjoy relaxing poolside during those warm summer months! 

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To hear more about what Stonegate Apartments has to offer our residents, and to schedule a tour, we encourage you to contact us!

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